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On May 4, the Senate passed the budget by a vote of 19-12. The bill will now move to conference committee. As it stands now CSHB 1 removes $3 billion of Economic Stabilization (“Rainy Day”) Fund money from the bill, moves a $1.25 billion Medicaid payment into 2013 and enacts 1.2% cuts to all agencies besides the Foundation School Program.

The Senate’s version of the bill now spends $5 billion more in state funds than the House version. Senator Ogden promises to fight for the bill in committee while several Senators have pledged to fight against it. Senators opposing the bill raised issue with the magnitude of cuts being made to education, health care and social services.

Senators want to characterize their budget as “better than the House budget.” This is wishful thinking. The Senate budget results in most of the same draconian cuts as in the House budget, and is still inadequate for Texas.

For a quick review of the massive cuts to State funding read 50 Facts About the Senate Budget at http://texasimpact.org/content/50-facts-about-senate-budget

To read Texas legislators ignore the outcry against school funding cuts at their peril, by Carolyn Boyle, St. John’s member & volunteer chairwoman of Texas Parent PAC (www.txparentpac.com) in the American Statesman go to http://www.statesman.com/opinion/boyle-texas-legislators-ignore-the-outcry-against-school-1459619.html

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