Rev. Amy DeLong Trial Rescheduled for June

New Trial Time, Place, Leaders
June 21-23, 2011

Peace United Methodist Church
Kaukauna, WI

Presiding Officer: Bishop Clay F. Lee
Church Counsel: Rev. Thomas Lambrecht

The Rev. Amy DeLong of Osceola, in northwestern Wisconsin, precipitated the case in 2009 when she agreed to preside at a holy union ceremony for a lesbian couple, and then separately registered with her partner of 15 years under Wisconsin’s Domestic Partnership Law.  She reported both actions to the church’s Wisconsin Annual Conference, the governing body for the church in the state, as part of her annual accounting of her ministry.

She said she knew her actions would have consequences.

“I want to help the church to be true to its proclamations,” she said in an interview. “We don’t have to earn our way into God’s heart. We’ve already been accepted.”

The United Methodist Church, the nation’s third-largest denomination, prohibits ministers from performing same-sex unions and allows gay or lesbian ministers only if they’re celibate, or if they don’t reveal their sexual orientation.

One Response to “Rev. Amy DeLong Trial Rescheduled for June”

  1. dan Says:

    Although I fully support Rev. Amy DeLong in admitting her sexuality and her admission to be with her partner and her right to be, my issue is with performing a marriage ceremony when it is against church law. I do not agree with church law however until we work to change the church law in accordance to what the human body of Christians come to agree upon then we must work to change it but abide by it at this point.. Until the UMC comes together to live in today’s world then no pastor has a right to ignore the laws that govern a church. I do not believe that Rev. Delong should be removed from her position but I do believe she should have a short suspension so she can consider that if she is to continue being an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church that Rev. Delong needs to be more considerate about what she does under her church roof and that it does she does not violate the laws that hold the church together. But instead concentrate on her efforts to effect change within without tearing apart what keeps us from becoming anarchists. Until we succeed in changing the laws of that hold the church together then we need to abide by them. God’s blessings to all who read this.

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