Save Our State: State Budget Lobby Day 2011

Join Texans from Across the State for a
March, Rally and Advocacy Day!

Building on the spirit  and energy of rallies around the country calling on  state governments to prioritize education, health care, public safety, the environment, and jobs, we will demand that Texas take a balanced approach to balancing the state budget by spending our state’s savings in the Rainy Day Fund and finding new revenue.

On April 6, thousands of Texans will gather in Austin for Save Our State–a march, rally and lobby day calling for legislators to abandon their proposed $23 billion in cuts to education, health care, nursing homes and other state services.

ON THE SAME DAY, the conservative group “Americans for Prosperity” (AFP) is holding a counter-rally and lobby day at the Capitol. They’re calling it “Tighten Your Belt, Texas” Day and here’s what they say about it: “We limited government advocates have been vastly outnumbered at the Capitol this legislative session. The legislature is working to cut spending and not raise taxes this session, but every spending program has its special interests. We realize that government needs to tighten its belt just like
Texas families are reigning in their spending when they have less to spend.

Please help make sure legislators hear the right message: Texans don’t like the House budget.

A recent University of Texas poll gives the numbers:

Texans oppose cuts to public education, 82 percent; pre-kindergarten, 62 percent; state grants to college students, 73 percent; state contributions to teacher and state employee retirement programs, 69 percent; the Children’s Health Insurance Program, 87 percent; state environmental regulation that could be picked up by the federal government, 65 percent; cuts to Medicaid providers like doctors and hospitals, 86 percent; state funding for nursing home care, 90 percent; prisons for adults or for juveniles, both 67 percent; new highway construction, 63 percent; border security, 85 percent; closing  community colleges, 77 percent.

Please take a few extra minutes to encourage everyone you can to attend the Save Our State event. Detailed information is available at

Can’t make it to the event in person?
Call Lt. Governor David Dewhurst at 1-888-225-8098 and urge the Senate to reject the House cuts.

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