Mission Trip to Galveston

Spots available on Saint John’s Adult Mission trip to Galveston, Week of October 24
Yes, there are still about 1,000 homes in need of repair from Hurricane Ike damage in Galveston (9-12-2008!) and this is the 4th trip that members and friends of Saint John’s are trekking south to do about a week of repairs on those homes belonging to the working poor, or those without insurance.  We coordinate our efforts through Texas Disaster Recovery and stay at the former Crockett Place UMC (50th and R) on the island, avoiding the typical 45 minute commute some groups have to do to nearby churches.  If you or a fellow church member have thought of doing this for your fellowship, class, congregation, etc., this would be a good chance to get some experience in this significant effort.

Please call or write Mike Renquist for details and/or to sign up, 512-663-9868 or mgrenquist@sbcglobal.net, but please be quick; there are some forms and communications to complete.

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