Death Penalty Conference; Just for People of Faith, Nov. 16-17!!

UMC General Board of Church & Society

(from Bill Mefford, Director, United Methodists Against the Death Penalty)

One of the best parts of attending events and conferences, if not the best part, is connecting with like-minded people who share your values and passion.  The Kairos Conference, Nov. 16-17 in Atlanta will be that kind of event. It is specifically for people of faith working to abolish the death penalty.

Many of you have expressed an interest to me in wanting to better connect with other United Methodists from throughout the country.  United Methodists will be at the Kairos Conference!

Some of you have said that you want to connect with people of other faiths.  Other faiths will be represented!

And almost all of us have felt the need to be better trained so that our abolition work can be the most effective.  This event will incorporate excellent training!

I hope you will not only come to the Kairos Conference, but also bring your friends, fellow church members, and other abolitionists.  We need all of you to be there!

Register today!!

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