Execution Vigils

The following executions in Texas are scheduled for the remainder of 2009:

Aug 20 – David Wood
Sep 16 – Stephen Moody
Sep 22 – Christopher Coleman
Sep 24 – Kenneth Mosley
Sep 30 – John Balentine
Oct 27 – Reginald Blanton
Nov 5 – Khristian Oliver
Nov 19 – Robert Thompson

These executions are all scheduled for 6:00 PM. Protesters gather at the south steps of the Capitol on 11th street beginning at 5:30 PM and stay until about 6:30 PM. Please join us if you would like to see the death penalty abolished. The more people we have in attendance the better. You may bring your own sign if you would like to.

One Response to “Execution Vigils”

  1. Ward Larkin Says:

    You may want to note that Robert Lee Thompson was sentenced to death even though he did not directly kill the victim, Mansoor Bhai Mohammed.

    In briefest summary, Thompson and Sammy Butler robbed a convenience store. As Thompson and Butler fled (Thompson driving his car, Butler in the front passenger seat) Butler shot and killed Mansoor Bhai Mohammed in the parking lot.

    Butler (the principal offender) was found innocent of capital murder and guilty of murder. The jury believed that Butler didn’t intend to kill Mansoor Bhai Mohammed. And intent is required for a Capital Murder conviction.

    Amazingly, even though Butler was found innocent of Capital Murder, Thompson (the accomplice) was found guilty of Capital Murder and sentenced to death.

    In my personal opinion, Butler had a much better trial attorney, which just proves that the death penalty isn’t about justice, but about how good (or bad) the attorneys are.

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