Let’s Write a New Verse Together at Sing a New Song by Tara Thronson

Each evening as I put my ten month old son to bed, I pray and sing familiar hymns with him.  During this time I often find myself wondering what the United Methodist Church will be for him.  Will it be a source of inspiration?  Will it bring him peace?  Will it be a community of love, welcoming all, and encouraging us each to seek justice for the least of those among us?  Will it help him deepen his faith and develop a relationship with God?

I certainly hope it will be all of these things and more.  We can be a church that is fully inclusive.  We can be a church that doesn’t just talk about social justice, but offers a community to perform radical acts of love for all our neighbors.   We can be a church that advocates for peace, protects people’s rights and eradicates poverty.  Thinking of the potential of the United Methodist Church excites me.  We can create these new “verses” for the church, and we’ll get there faster if we work together.

I can’t tell you how excited I am for MFSA and RMN to gather together at Sing a New Song.  I’m looking forward to powerful worship, making new friends, and strengthening our partnership.  To help the United Methodist Church reach its full potential and be the church I think it can be, we need to take both a bottom up and top down approach – both modeling our vision at the local level, and taking action to improve church policy at General Conference.  Sing a New Song will prepare us to do both.  I can’t wait to see you in Ohio!

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